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From a strong technological base, Aaka International offers a unique package of wide spectrum services to its clients in the field of Engineering goods, Automotive Parts, Machine Turned Parts, Forgings, Castings, Gears & Shafts, Hub etc. Aaka International's manufacturing activities are backed by most sophisticated and modern amenities.

Our Engineering division is equipped with complete forge shop including Friction Presses, Drop Hammers, Power Presses, Casting Shop, Heat Treatment Plant, Tool Room, Modern Laboratory and a Machine Shop fully equipped with state of art CNC Lathes, Cylindrical Grinding, Milling, Gear Cutting, Hobbing, Gear Shaving Machines and other micro processor controlled equipment to produce high precision auto parts. To give best quality in Brass Builder Hardware we are fully equipped with lancer, buffing shop, ultrasonic cleaning equipment and state of the art Electro-phoretic Laquer Plant etc.


We employ most up-to-date techniques in Injection, Transfer and Compression moulding for rubber parts. The plant has sophisticated machinery including Dispersion Kneaders, Extruders, Calendars, Mixing Mills in addition to a stream of Hydraulic and Electrical Presses, Injection Moulding and Roll Covering machines.


Our facilities are fully equiped with complete Forge shop including Drop Hammers and Power Presses, Casting shop, Heat Treatment Plant, Tool Room, Nodern Laboratory and a machine shop fully equipped with state at art CNC lathes, Cylindrical Grinding, Milling, Gear utting, Hobbing, Bevel Gear Generators, Gear Shaving Machine and other micro Processor controlled equipment produce high precision auto parts.

We have third party facilities for stamping parts.

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